How to Move Forward When Your Kids Move Out

February 10, 2021

How to Move Forward When Your Kids Move Out
Whether your kids have left home to attend college, join the military, get married, or start a new job, the result is the same for you: an empty nest. While you’re probably feeling proud and excited for them, you might also be experiencing empty nest syndrome. It’s totally normal to feel a sense of loss when your kids leave home, and it might be time for you to make a positive change as well. Leaving a house that’s filled with memories can be an emotional experience, but this change can be exciting! It can be an opportunity for you to move forward. 
Consider Your Options to Move Forward
So, what does moving forward look like for you? You might be considering downsizing for a lower maintenance property with a smaller yard, fewer bedrooms, and lower overall expenses. Or, maybe you’re finally ready to move into your larger dream home after all these years. You might even be thinking about downsizing and purchasing a second home or travel trailer. There are so many different options! You just have to determine which option is best for you and the lifestyle you want. Some questions that might help you decide what your move forward looks like are: 
  1. Is this the home I’d like to spend my retirement in? 
  2. Do I want to travel often or will I be content spending most of my time at home?
  3. Is this the last, or next to last, home I’d like to live in? 
  4. Do I want to stay in the area that I’m used to or do I want to venture out into a different area? 
Put Together a Plan and Make it Happen
Whether you’re looking to sell your current home and opt for a smaller property or you’re ready to upgrade into something bigger, the Forward Real Estate team can help you prepare for this exciting new chapter. We’ll help you put together a comprehensive and customized plan to get you prepared to move forward, including plans to declutter your home and determine updates needed for maximum return. So, move forward in confidence with the help of our experienced team! We can’t wait to hear from you.
Moving FORWARD with you,
Tiffany Stevens

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